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Warning, may contain a PhD

Recently saw a comment by a student about not being advised before hand that doing a PhD had many difficulties and challenges. However, my first reaction reading that text was to start laughing. Of course, all that was said was true. But the first thing that came to my mind was the famous warning when you ask for a sundae with nuts at a McDonald : you received (at least in North America) the nuts in a small, sealed separate bag (think allergies); this bag has a warning that reads (seriously): may contain nuts!


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The Ph.D.s Guide to a Nonfaculty Job Search

I have long heard and perpetuate to my students that if you are bright enough to successfully complete a PhD in the first place, finding a job which uses your hard learned skills is usually not a problem. In fact the unemployment rate for sciences and engineering PhD holders is usually quite low (low single digits in Canada).

Still, the Chronicle of Higher Education just published a piece entitled The Ph.D.s Guide to a Nonfaculty Job Search – Advice.

The gift of doctoral study is…

“The gift of doctoral study is that you get the time and space to obsess about something you’re (hopefully) interested in…”

-Jeannie Holstein

The above is taken from the following link about returning to graduate school to tackle a PhD project and finding it fun. A very interesting read: ‘Academia is a very well kept secret’.

PhD project or PhD projects?

Two of my PhD students have successfully defended their thesis in the past three weeks. For both of them, they have accomplished what constituted the biggest project (in term of scope and time) of their life yet.

However, is it really one project or a collection of multiple projects forming a whole, called a PhD thesis?

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On starting a new project…

I design, plan, execute and complete projects on a regular basis for quite a number of years now. As a researcher, it is an integral part of the job. I often notice in starting grad students that the concept of project planning is not always well-developped (and doing a PhD certainly has some planning phases).

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PhD: they call it “pushing the envelope” of science!

This was passed down to me by a good friend (who is also reader of this blog). Have a look and you’ll understand the title of this post 😉

The Illustrated Guide to a Ph.D.

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