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The World Wide Web is turning 25 this week

Wired magazine is running a piece on Tim Berners-Lee and his view 25 years later. You will further find his thought on decentralization, openness, privacy and so on. As a bonus a series of 10 comments by experts. Nice read!


Nobel Prize Week: Physics Nobel Prize for the Higgs Boson!

This is this time of the year again when Nobel prize winners are announced. As expected, the physics one goes for the Higgs boson following the experimental confirmation by CERN. More precisely the Prize is given to Englert and Higgs.

Note added: Physical Review Letters announced that the 1964 articles from the nobel winners are now available for free…Physics Letters B did something similar regarding the experimental papers from ATLAS and CMS during the summer of 2012. So all in all, the four key papers pertaining to then Higgs boson (at least for now) are available for anyone with internet access to consult!

Observation of a new particle at LHC: Booklet / Journal issue

Not that I am promoting any buying of “derivatives” from the discovery of the Higgs boson but there is some interesting (free) images and free access to a PDF booklet, which includes the two published articles in Physics Letters B by ATLAS and CMS:

Elsevier Webshop.

Worth a look 😉

The CERN LHC in 34 pictures

In the wake of this week Higgs discovery announcement, here is an amazing sets of 34 photographs of the LHC and the detector apparatus at CERN from The Atlantic: In Focus – The Fantastic Machine That Found the Higgs Boson – The Atlantic.

Simply fantastic!

Higgs boson observed…

As a physicist, it is difficult not to get excited. CERN has issued a Press Release in which it states that both experiments (ATLAS and CMS) has observed a signal consistent with a new boson in the 126 GeV mass range – right where the Higgs boson is expected. The strength of the signal is at the 5 sigma level (only 1 chance out of 1 744 278 to be consistent with only random fluctuation), which is considered a true positive for particle discovery 😉

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