Some public shaming is in order

I do not know about you, but I am getting tired and even a bit frustrated by all the e-mails asking me to come to meeting X, publish my papers in journal Y, or even worse like the one below about being a member of editorial or advisor board of a journal Z. The problem is most of these are not even closely connected to your field of expertise; they are simply fishing and a very simply Google Scholar and PubMed search would reveal that in a matter of seconds. This basically means that these requests are coming from ill-intended individuals and companies that have no sense of ethics what-so-ever. Their meetings and journals should be considered predatory at best. Thus, public shaming is in order. The latest in this category is below with my comments.

Dear Dr. Beaulieu,

Open Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery is an Open Access online journal, which publishes research articles, reviews, letters and guest edited single topic issues in all areas of plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, including head and neck, trunk, upper extremity, lower extremity, hand and peripheral nerve, aesthetic, breast, and allo-tissue transplantation surgery.  

Wow. Open Reconstruction and Cosmetic Surgery. First let me states that I am a physicist by training and my active research field is ionizing radiation physics, in particular applied to cancer treatments. This is my main expertise. It includes image-guided cancer treatment procedures from a technology stand point. That it is. 

The journal is in its fourth year of publication, and is indexed by Genamics JournalSeek, MediaFinder®-Standard Periodical Directory, PubsHub, J-Gate, Index Copernicus.  The publication of the journal was temporarily suspended for reorganization and it is now recommencing. 

Clearly it, there was a reason for reorganization and it is not recommencing on a good footing. Also notice that it is not index in PubMed, which is not a good sign for a journal in the medical field.

In view of your important contributions in the field, we would like to propose your name for the membership of the Editorial Advisory Board of Open Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery. Please visit the journal’s website at Open Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery for the journal‘s aims and scope… 

What is my important contribution to the field if interest of the journal? Name a single one! I am easily found on Google Scholar (I have a public page), PubMed, Mendeley and ORCID.

…  Sincerely,

M. Alam

Director Publications

Open Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery

Well Mr. M Alam, if I was your boss or the Editor in Chief of that journal, I would request your resignation for doing such a poor job. 


  1. Yeah… its getting sad: Said my mailbox:
    “Real science is at risk of obfuscation from junk science”


  2. Looking at where it is indexed and the publishing fees, this does look like a predatory journal to me. One of the hazards today, so yeah, throwing some light on this academic spam is probably a good idea. In essence, it is Viagra ads for scientists.


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