Online vs in-person invited presentation: the butterflies won’t go!

Due to COVID-19, many meetings went virtual. This was the case of the main meeting in my field. For that meeting, we were asked to record ourself using (minimally) the PPT application record feature and export as mp4 the result. For a given session, we would be present live with camera and mic but our presentation would be a replay of our video. At the end, we would be available for the live Q&A portion of the session.

As an invited speaker, I am used to tweak my presentation until the last day. These minor changes are to reflect what I think the audience will be but also the general context in which the meeting take place: basically some tailoring to the expected audience if at all possible. I also find that even after years, I am still having butterflies just before getting at the podium. I always have a discussion with myself (I know!) like: should have added this, removed that out, put more emphasis on such and such, …

This year with the pre-recording, there was no chances at all of changing anything, even if you had the urge of making small adjustments based on previous sessions that might have happened before or have a link to your session… 

This should make things pretty straight forward, yes? But no!!!

I found out that I still had these butterflies just before the session started and I was still asking the same questions in my head. Funny 😉

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