USB-C : One Port to Rule Them All!

One of the great thing I liked about Apple lighting port (when it came out) was the versatility and reversibility of the connector. As I replaced my MacBook pro last year, the computer came with 4 ports, all USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 compatible. This has some drawbacks vs. legacy hardware but at the same time it is fairly easy to have USB-A to USB-C cables or adapters.

Note that most of the time, I do not need all of these other legacy ports…I have been working with computers since the time when saving on physical magnetic tapes was the greatest thing on Earth. Somehow moving to new standards always had more benefits than drawbacks: I have not burned a CD or DVD for years now (I still have a full tower of un-used ones), I am quite happy that the older SCSI and RS232 ports are no more. Even usb-keys are used only once in while with the advent cloud services and WiFi sync. I did however shopped for and bought USC-B/TB3 docks/hubs. But this is for another post.

As I was traveling in the months that followed any acquisition, I needed a 60W power adapter while sitting at the airport and discovering that I forgot the Apple one at home! In one of the store, I came upon a Jarv 60W USB-C adapter, with a bonus of having 2 USB-A charging ports (one for phone and one with high amp. for tablets). Even better, it is smaller (by at least 15%, similar in size to the new Anker GaN 60W USB-C charger) and lighter than Apple own charger.

The buying price (in CAD$, at the airport!) was essentially the same as a new Apple 61W power brick (85$ CAD at the Apple Store) with all of the nice features stated above. It quickly became my favorite charger and the only one I need to bring on travel.

I further note that the new GaN technology seems to allow for even smaller chargers. I am certainly looking forward to the next generation of 60W chargers and there are already very small, high power 30W USB-C chargers (almost as small as the current stock Apple USB-A iPhone charger) out there, like this one.

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