Another year is over…

I started this blog in April 2012, almost 7 years ago. During that time there were almost 214 000 views from visitors coming from 196 countries (including the European Union and Vatican City as countries). These numbers might appear modest in the bigger scheme of things, but it certainly has exceeded my initial expectation.

While I find some of the posts in the Mentoring category are probably the best I have done (in particular Warning my contain a PhD and a few others, have a look at that page if you have time!), it is the E-office series (the page itself reaches almost 20 000 views) and its key posts that have attracted the biggest share of the views. In fact, the last post of the series keep coming as one of the most read after well over 6 years being published: Making it work with more than 9500 views, Mac software with close to 8900 views, Inboxes and Tips at almost 7900 views andIntroduction and Hardware with 6220 views. 

The single, most viewed post is “How many citations are actually a lot of citations?” with over 14000 views including 8000 this year alone. 

In 2018, I am extremely proud of the development of the Python-HTML combo for creating a Kanban project-level view for Cultured Code Things 3 task manager. In the recent updated version of this site, I have made them a Featured Content and the necessary files are available for free for you to try.

In the coming months, I will revisit the Digital Office Series. After so many years, a few things did change while some have endured. So I think I will be able to provide a more robust view in terms of how to implement and use an efficient digital workflow. While the latter is geared toward academic research and teaching, I think the workflow will work extremely well in many other settings.  

I wish you a wonderful new year and stay tune for more min 2019! 

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