Public Bench Project and other Inner Sunset Beauties

Conquer your neighbourhood, conquer your city, conquer your country, and then go after the rest of the world. That’s my mantra.
— Grandmaster Flash

Not so long ago I was reporting about my discovery of the Little Free Libraries around my adoption neighborhood. There are other beauty scatter around that neighborhood.

Among these, I found the Public Bench Project. Benches like the one on the picture below are scattered in San Francisco Inner Sunset District, making for nice moments while walking the street. My two years old really enjoyed these beautiful benches, both for small pauses and, sometimes, for the story contains in their painting.


Also, as you walk along Kirkham and reach 16th Avenue, you reach a set of wonderfully decorated stairs, called the Hidden Garden Steps,  on your way up to Grand View Park. This is part of a Community Art Project. The two pictures below gives an overview of these stairs but does not fully render not only the beauty but also the total number of steps (the equivalent of about 25+ flights of stairs all the way up to the park). Again, my two years old, walked all of the steps going up, finding something to say about all of the animals, amphibians, insects, fishes and plants represented on the ceramics.


At the top, a beautiful view of the city, the top of the Golden Gate Bridge and the ocean as found in the given panoramic picture – click on it for a high resolution version 😉


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