A 75 min presentation on Organizing Creativity

From the author of  Organizing Creativity, Daniel Wessel, here come an overview of the book in 75 minutes!

As I have said before, this is a must for all graduate students. I cannot recommend enough that you take the time, listen to the presentation and afterward download (free!) and read the book for more in-depth information.

Quite frankly, this book is so good that I bought the printed (color) version. Yes, a paper version, call me a romantic…

One comment

  1. Hoi Luc,

    thank you very much for recommending the presentation video. Like written, I’m rubbish without an audience (surprisingly hard to “simply” speak into a microphone, would have been better to record it when I gave the presentation), but I hope it’s useful nonetheless. 😉

    And thank you very much for buying the book 🙂

    Best regards



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