Smart Watch, Apple Watch, regular watch, no watch…

So the Apple Watch is now out. I like technology and gadget. The iPod, iPhone and iPad all made sense to me. Apple Watch could make a lot of sense if I were a serious jogger / fitness person and if it could actually do real health measurements such as read blood sugar (using red light – not quite there yet) and so on.

However, I bought a Citizen Eco-Drive watch so that I do not have to care about it: it synchronizes time by itself and charges by light: I do not have to even think about the battery for the next 15-20 years.

Note that I might not be the typical user. I am not felling compelled to look at my smartphone every two seconds, I do not use social networks all the time and I barely talk with my phone more than 100 min/month. In fact, the major use I make of my phone is as a hot spot and some notification (not too much). So I already barely remove it from my pocket. Do I need to bother with another gadget that needs to be charged everyday?

Finally, looking at my children, they actually, like their friends, simply stop to wear a watch…Would they be compelled to start again. I doubt it.

I will be following this one and see how it develop with version 2 and version 3. Maybe, who knows…

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  1. I think the Apple Watch could be useful, as any smart watch, if its focus is more on long battery life and immediate access to the more powerful smartphone and via the smartphone to other technology.

    Currently, if you get lost in the wilderness with only a smart watch, you’re pretty much screwed on day 2. Or for a more likely scenario, forget to charge it at night and the next day will be a hassle if you’re used to it. And there’s a whole can of worms when it comes to changing interaction (yep, checking the watch during conversations is back ;-)). The main things I miss from the announcement is a water- and shock-proof casing, that would have been nice and useful. Esp. if the screen could be used underwater or in heavy rain (the later, e.g., to access maps).

    But even in its current form, there are interesting potential uses. Health monitoring for example — it could make checking in on relatives quite easy. Hmm … yup … there’s a lot of potential here … if it’s carefully weighted against having a potential constant distraction and interruption chained to your wrist.


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