Cultured Code Things 3 on the way for 2014!

The team at Cultured Code has announced on their blog that they have reached 1 million copies of Things  sold. In the same blog post, they let us know that version 3 of Things will be coming in 2014. Hopefully it will not know that same fate as the cloud sync version of Things which took over two years after the first announcement…


Things is powerful task manager. It comes with a simple and efficient interface and is fully scriptable (Apple Script). I have been using Things since its very first beta release. Certainly look forward to V3.

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  1. I suppose by saying 2014 they have given themselves 12 months to release Things 3 – I gave up waiting for cloud sync, invested in Omnifocus instead.


    • Also tried OmniFocus during that period and went back to Things. Much nicer interface and better suited to my workflow. Might try OmniFocus 2, we’ll see.


      • I participated in the alpha test for Omnifocus 2 before they closed it to do more in-house development – My impressions of the alpha were that they were sticking far too close to their existing Omnifocus feel – I suppose “if it is not broken don’t fit it”… I will be very interested to see what Things 3 offers over Things 2 whenever in 2014 it is released. Care to bet on the month it will arrive? 🙂


        • One thing I notice of developers like Cultured Code, OmniGroup and Devon Technologies is that their development cycle for major release look slow but the release products are usually top notch.


          • Yes true but you would expect that as their products are not games (where bugs are just an inconvenience
            ) but they are deeply imbedded in people study /business workflows where being solid is essential. I just realised that I can use my original Things licence key for Things 2 so I might revisit its simpler functionality for the holidays


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