Université Laval medical physics professors and students in action at AAPM2017

This week, our students and faculty are involved in 17 presentations at the AAPM meeting in Denver, Colorado. This include Best In Physics (Therapy) Marie-Ève Delage. Overall 2 general poster presentations, 5 poster discussions (ePoster), 3 SNAP Oral, 5 oral presentations and two symposium presentations.

Here is the list:
Ophélie Piron, 1:28PM 30/07/2017 Room: Four Seasons 4 (SANP Oral)
SU-E-FS4-5 : Towards An Adaptive Radiotherapy Method (ART) Anticipating Morphological Changes Affecting Treatment Quality of Head and Neck Cancer

Marie-Ève Delage, 15h-16h 30/07/2017 Room: Therapy ePoster Theater
Therapy Best in Physics poster session: Characterization of a New Type of Colloidal Quantum Dot-Based Liquid Scintillator

Charles-Antoine Collins-Fekete, 15h30-16h 30/07/2017 Room: Joint Imaging-Therapy ePoster Lounge – A
SU-H2-GePD-J(A)-4 : Extension of the Fermi-Eyges Most Likely Path in Heterogeneous Medium with Prior Knowledge Information

Daniel Gourdeau 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM 30/07/2017 Room: Therapy ePoster Theater
SU-J-CAMPUS-TT-3 : An EPID-Based Method to Determine Mechanical Deformations in a Linear Accelerator

Haydee Linares-Rosales 4:35PM 30/07/2017 Room: 205 (SANP Oral)
SU-K-205-6 : Design and Signal Optimization of Multi-Point Plastic Scintillator Detectors Using a Novel Hyper-Spectral Deconvolution Method

Paul Edimo 4:35PM 30/07/2017 Room: Four Seasons 2 (SANP Oral)
SU-K-FS2-6 : A Stochastic Frontier Analysis for Enhanced Quality Control of High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy Treatment Plans

Daline Tho, 15h – 18h 30/07/2017 Room: Exhibit Hall
SU-I-GPD-T-23: Novel Electromagnetic-Tracked Scintillation Dosimeter for Accurate In Vivo Dosimetry in HDR Brachytherapy

Yohan Bélanger, 15h – 18h 30/07/2017 Room: Exhibit Hall
SU-I-GPD-T-41: A GPU-Accelerated Deterministic Algorithm for Heterogeneity Corrections in Low Dose-Rate Brachytherapy

Luc Beaulieu, 16h30 31/07/2017 Room: 708
MO-F-708-0: US Guided Systems for Brachytherapy (Symposium 16h30 – 18h)
MO-F-708-1: Advances in US guided brachytherapy (16h30 -17h)

Ophélie Piron 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM 1/08/2017 Room: Joint Imaging-Therapy ePoster Theater
TU-C1-GePD-JT-5 : An Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) Method to Rapidly Identify Patients with Important Prostate Inter-Fraction Motion

Sébastien Laberge 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM 1/08/2017 Room: Imaging ePoster Theater
TU-C3-GePD-IT-5 : Correction of the Intra-Prostatic Spill-in Effect in FCh PET Using Monte Carlo Simulations

Angélika Kroshko, 11:30AM 1/08/2017 Room: 108 (Oral)
TU-D-108-4 : Stochastic Frontier Analysis Used for Rectum Sparing in VMAT Planning for Prostate Cancer

Marie-Ève Delage, 14h05 01/08/2017 Room: 205 (Oral)
TU-FG-205-3: BEST IN PHYSICS (THERAPY): Characterization of a New Type of Colloidal Quantum Dot-Based Liquid Scintillator

Louis Archambault, 5:30PM 02/08/2017 Room: Four Seasons 4
WE-G-FS4-0 ROC: A New Method in Radiotherapy QA (Symposium 16h30 – 18h)
WE-G-FS4-3: A framework for utilizing ROC methodology in radiotherapy QA (17h30-18h)

Songye Cui, 7h50AM 03/08/2017 Room: 605 (Oral)
WE-AB-605-3 : An Operator-Free Inverse Planning Algorithm Using a Self-Adjusting Weighting Method for High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy

Adam Cunha (Luc Beaulieu), 9h10AM 02/08/2017 Room: 605 (Oral)
WE-AB-605-11 : Novel Custom Nasopharynx Applicator with Variable-Density Shielding to Reduce Normal Structure Dose and Allow Target Dose Escalation: Design, Fabrication, and Dosimetry

Charles-Antoine Collins-Fekete, 17h20 02/08/2017 Room: 605 (Oral)
WE-G-605-5 : Theoretical Prediction and Experimental Verification of the Spatial Resolution and Stopping Power Accuracy of Ion Radiography/tomography

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