Two or more Dropbox accounts simultaneously on your Mac, it’s possible and easy!

Dropbox is a great tool for keeping certain documents accessible from everywhere (provided you have an internet connecting!). It is also a very nice cross platform collaborative tool. In the past, I have created specific folders that I share with collaborators across the globe. Recently, something different presented itself: as part of an important international project I am participating in, a specific (free) Dropbox account was created.

Of course, you can access both accounts from a web browser but the OSX Dropbox application does not provide for multiple accounts simultaneously. Daniel Mann posted sometimes ago a great solution to this problem on his Blog theTerran. It used Apple’s Automator to create two or more instances of the Dropbox application all running in parallel. If you look at the figure below you can see the toolbar from my Mac having two instances, the color one is my regular Dropbox account and the B&W one is for this special project. Both folders reside side-by-side on my Mac 😉


It takes no more than a few minutes to go through the step-by-step instructions. Have fun and visit Daniel’s blog!


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