664 emails to inbox Zero in two hours!

For the last few years, twice a year I pledge to my family (and myself) not to open once my e-mails for at least two weeks. At the start of this new year 2021, as I open my e-mail app this morning, over 664 e-mails were waiting for me.

Note that this is usually the total number of emails that comes in in a single week (between 650 and 750). Thanks to the holidays, things are slower!

Good thing, I am using SaneBox screening services. Of those, only 185 were in my Inbox and 106 in my SaneLater box: so really 291 that needs some form of attention from me. All others were in news or bulk sending boxes and of those (very easy to go through and delete, only a handful were actually important).

Overall, using a very simple process described in this post, Inbox Zero was achieved within two hours: less than two minutes replies sent and truly important action items in my task manager.

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