“Get me off you F&?%$ mailing list” scientific paper by Mazières and Kohler

If you are like me, you are probably receiving at least a few “invitations” per week to submit you latest and greatest research to an open access journal…that you have never heard of before. The fees are small and the editorial board is supposed to be at the forefront of the field.


Scholarly Open Access blog ran an eye opening, albeit extreme, story of two UCLA researcher that simply had enough and made the proof that some of these are simply bonus journals. The whole paper is based on a single sentence “Get me off Your Fucking Mailing List” for 10 pages (PDF here). The figures of the paper are quite ingenious and the editor acceptance letter and review letter have made me laugh for a good 5 minutes non stop 😉

Scholarly Open Access keeps a list of potential predatory editors and journals. Have a look.

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