On creativity in scientific research

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on”
– Albert Einstein
  • Being in the lab long hours, does not make you more creative.
  • Throwing brute force at a problem can work but it is creative thinking?
  • Creative thinking does happen anywhere and anytime.
  • I found that some of the best ideas I had did not happen while at work…
  • Be ready to capture that great idea when it happen.
  • Do not censured yourself with possible practical limitation yet (money, engineering, theoretical limitation, …).
  • Brainstorming is great: to refine a good idea or to launch a creative process that will be completed after the session i.e. the best idea might not be obtained at the end of such session (I contend that it is almost never the case).
  • Once in a while, take time to explore your ideas more deeply to see if it sticks. Throw them at colleagues (see brainstorming above).
  • Store all of your ideas, even the weird ones, in a system (physical or digital) where you can go back at them once in while.


  1. I fully agree. and on that note, many could learn from the creative process in arts. Too many times, people in a “logical” professional tries way too hard to make everything logical. In project management, I always separate operational management and design/creativity management. They are distinct and should be managed distinctly.


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