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Switching automatically between Light and Dark mode in OSX: Welcome to NightOwl!

The latest release of MacOS 10.14 introduce a Dark mode. It does look great and make it really easy on the eye at night. Personally though, I do not like it during the day. Especially for apps that have presents lots of information such as DevonThink Pro or even Mail. In broad day light, I find the light mode easier.

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Do boring speakers talk longer?

According to this Nature blog post (Do boring speakers really talk for longer?), yes! It seems that having rhythm, a clear structure and sticking to it as well as practice your talk should be obvious practice but not always applied by the research community.

Please add to your names to the scientific community Statement denouncing Strumia’s discriminatory talk at CERN

“In this talk he argued that the primary explanation for the discrepancies between men and women in theoretical physics is that women are inherently less capable.

— Statement introduction

Follow the link to the Community Statement, read it (and the associated materials in the REFERENCES and LINKS at the top if you do not know of that talk yet) and if. like myself and many others, feel the discriminatory and unethical aspects that was convey during the talk, please sign by selecting ADD YOUR NAME at the top right corner of the page.

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