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How many citations are actually a lot of citations?

In a previous blog post, I suggested to my younger colleagues that while they should not care so much about the impact factor of the journals they published in (as long as these journals are well-read in their respective fields of research), they should care quite a lot about these papers being cited, and cited by others not self-cited!

A few months ago, I was listening to the introductory talk of for a prestigious award from our national organization when one statement hit me: a physicist with 2000 or more citations is part of the 1% most cited physicists worldwide. There might have been a bit more to that statement but let’s work with it.

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À tous mes amis et collègues Français…

Mon coeur saigne. Mes pensés sont avec vous.

Cette image, qui circule sur Facebook, est inspirante dans la situation actuelle.


Semantic Scholar

A new search engine, Semantic Scholar,  is being proposed to the scientific community and it uses artificial intelligence. Right now it is limited to computer science papers according to the website.

Let see how this one evolves!


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