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It is done!

Final result in…I got promoted to full professor, effective June 1st. At that date 21 years ago, I was just starting my grad studies 😉

The most interesting part of the process leading to this promotion was the writing of a consolidated report of all my activities for the last 6 years. For me it was the first time I had to do it since I was hired directly to the associated professor level. While the exercise did produced a lengthy document, it also give a very full filing sense of accomplishment: I was quite proud of what I had achieved but more important how things looked moving forward.

PhD Comics : The movie!

For any one who is following PhD Comics, either religiously or occasionally, the Piled Higher and Deeper movie is available!

A few more “must read” for new gradute students

In the previous post, I was directing interested students to the free book Organizing Creativity. There are a few more excellent resources on the web that students should consult.

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Recommended book: Organizing Creativity by Daniel Wessel

The majority of graduate students that I had the chance to supervised (yes I consider student supervision as a core mission of being a researcher and university professor) have this spark in their eyes. Creative thinking is usually not the biggest problem they will face. In fact, for most of you getting tons of ideas is rarely the issue. Selecting, focusing and successfully bring one or a group of ideas to completion (meaning scientific publication most of the time) tends to be critical issue. As Vince Lombardi once said: “if you don’t keep score its just practice”.

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Microprocessor History

Computers have become a key tool for the acquisition, analysis and processing of data in scientific research. Furthermore, the value of computer simulation in our life is undeniable (e.g. weather simulation for airplane flights, hurricane path prediction, …).

This interesting article looks at the evolution of the microprocessor, the “brain” within the computers:

CPU DB: Recording Microprocessor History – ACM Queue.


Here it is. About two years ago, I decided to start a blog about scientific research, student supervision and related topics. While topics are abundant, I found iWeb (I know, I know) quite limited and got bored!

This is a new start, so bear with me. For those of you who know me (and knows that I come from a French speaking part of Canada), yes  I have chosen to write this blog in English simply because in my field of work, English in the universal language. You might (and will) see some French words on this page but don’t be afraid, you can make it. Hopefully, you will like the topics…and I will enjoy reading your comments  and suggestions.

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